Lawrence Public Library Presents an Evening with Intriguing Authors

Tess Banion, Margaret Kramar, Leonard Krishtalka, and Perry Shepard

Lawrence Public Library & Anamcara Press welcome you!

Join us for a fast-paced evening with the authors:

A Parting Glass's Tess Banion, Searching for Spenser's Margaret Kramar, Death Spoke's Leonard Krishtalka, and The Hero Versus Me & Monkey Jo's Perry Shepard will talk about finding stories featuring intrigue, loss, and redemption, and how their stories found their way to publication.

Books will be available and a signing will follow the author's Q & A.



Tess Banion, author of A Parting Glass, a novel
Leonard Krishtalka, author
Leonard Krishtalka, author of The Harry Przewalski Mystery Series

Tess Banion

“One of those rare novels that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf.” ~ James A Cox, The Midwest Book Review

Meet Elizabeth. She’s unruly—the kind of child you’d find playing in a train yard, or climbing trees. She has a secret, a hidden place where she stashes found objects and hides from scary monsters. An eleven-year-old with uneven bangs and a grand imagination, Elizabeth sees the world as she needs it to be and makes the real unreal—a proper skill to have when born into a family cursed with hard realities. She hopes to reach the age of twelve and leave Catholic school and her nemesis Sister Mary Paul behind. But before that can happen, she needs to make a change in her world. A Parting Glass is an exciting and suspenseful journey filled with heartwarming moments. A story of transformation and coming of age in the spirit of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and the The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls.

Contact the author at:,

Margaret Kramar

Parenting can be a struggle; especially parenting a disabled child. In this flawlessly written memoir, Kramar describes championing her son, diagnosed with Sotos syndrome, through his short life. She examines the experience of loving and losing a child and reminds us that there is a way forward through the grief. Kramar’s memoir offers guidance, wisdom and inspiration. An amazing story of redemption and hope.
Winner of the National Indie Excellence Award 2019

You can reach Margaret at:

Perry Shepard

Henry Neis arrives in Vietnam an innocent youth from Kansas, and quickly falls in with addicts and lost souls. Perry Shepard’s prose pulls us into the “scene” immediately, and propels us on a journey that is at times exhilarating, shocking, funny, and moving. A rollicking read and an eye-opening look at the Vietnam War.

Perry L. Shepard is a Vietnam veteran who has written two novels: The Hero versus Me and Monkey Jo, and Hard Love. He co-wrote two plays in the anthology titled Annabelle. He won a second place award in the Eber and Wein’s Best American Poetry of 2013, an honorable mention in Writer’s Digest’ 84th annual Poetry Competition. He has been published in newspapers, college poetry collections and fanzines; He was a board member of (SMAG) South Mass Art Guild in Lawrence Kansas, and is the Vice President of the Kansas Author’s Club District No. 2. you can reach Perry at:

Leonard Krishtalka


Paleontologist turned private investigator Harry Przewalski excavates the dirty underbelly of people’s lives, unearthing sexual betrayals, treachery, fraud and murder buried beneath the science of petrified shards, skin and bones. Ultimately, he must face a brutal killing in his own past, when he fled to a desert war and came back with a gun and a license to detect.

In his second case, Death Spoke, the murder of an expert on prehistoric cave art immerses Przewalski in a famous painted cavern in France, a World War II atrocity, an archaeological fraud, and a diabolical act of revenge. Przewalski excavates the deadly archaeological layers of the case finding lives torn by deceit, vendetta and redemption.

Leonard Krishtalka is the author of award-winning essays, the acclaimed book, Dinosaur Plots, and The Harry Przewalski Series. As a paleontologist, he has worked throughout the fossil-rich badlands of the American west, Canada, Patagonia, China, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Coming soon: The Body on the Bed, an historical murder mystery. Find out more at:

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