Book Club Questions

Use and share the following book club questions as you like!Spiders Dance Illustration by Bobbie Powell

  1. Did it take a while to get into the story, or did you get sucked in right away?
  2. Was this a plot focused or character focused story?
  3. Were there notable plot twists, or character changes?
  4. What characters most interested you? Why?
  5. Was anything too cliche or predictable?
  6. What surprised you most in the story?
  7. What were the central ideas the author was trying to explore?
  8. What kind of changing/growing occurred?
  9. What scene/quote sticks with you the most?
  10. Which characters could you relate to most?
  11. Did you get an “aha” moment or change of heart from reading the story?
  12. Did your impression of the book or characters change as you read?
  13. What was resolved, and how did that make you feel?
  14. Was the ending gratifying, or did it leave you wanting?
  15. Would you recommend the book?
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