…Like This — Art Work by Perry Shepard

…Like This - a poetically-inspired interactive visual art exhibit

…Like This

a poetically-inspired interactive visual art exhibit on display beginning 29 November, 2019 from 6:00pm until 9:00pm and during the month of December at Aimee’s Coffee House at 1025 Massachusetts St. Lawrence Kansas, 66044.

In this day and age, life is in a rapid state of change.  With the explosion of labeling due to technology, the internet and social media is used from the highest level of our society to the littlest child holding a tablet or phone in their hands. We are re-defining what society is and what it means.

With this in mind, Perry Shepard is asking viewers of his work to reflect on your lives. If any of the paintings touch your mind and memories, relabel the work by writing a sentence that ends in ....like this.

Once the show is over, Perry will take the labeled pieces and develop a book of poems inspired by viewers labeling.  The exhibit will open at 7:00pm. Perry will introduce the exhibit and read some poems.  Perry will then open the mike for poets to share their words. 


THE HERO Versus Me & Monkey Jo - a novel by Perry Shepard

THE HERO Versus Me & Monkey Jo - a novel



Perry L. Shepard is a Vietnam veteran who has written two novels: The Hero Versus Me and Monkey Jo, and Hard Love. He has also co-written two plays in the anthology titled Annabelle. He won a second place award in the Eber and Wein’s Best American Poetry of 2013, an honorable mention in Writer’s Digest’ 84th annual Poetry Competition. He has been published in newspapers, college poetry collections and fanzines; He was a board member of South Mass Art Guild (SMAG) in Lawrence Kansas, and is the Vice President of the Kansas Author’s Club District No. 2. you can reach Perry at: www.perryshepard.com.

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