Photographer, Paratrooper, POW: A Wyoming Cowboy in Hitler's Germany

A Wyoming Cowboy in Hitler’s Germany, M Carroll


“Darling, you haunt me. Every time I sit down for even a minute with nothing to occupy me immediately I want to start a letter to you…”

War era correspondence and 70 year old photographs depict an age of heroism and innocence. PHOTOGRAPHER, PARATROOPER, POW: A Wyoming Cowboy in Hitler’s Germany tells the story of three brothers who leave their Wyoming home to fight in World War II. This historical narrative begins with the westward expansion of a tough breed of immigrants, and ends with the rendition of Harold Carroll’s many harrowing escapes from Nazi prisoner of war camps, mostly described in his own words.

“This book relates a compelling story, skillfully written. It is a must read for those who love history and especially those fascinated by World War II history.” Marsha Henry Goff, author of A Crazy Plan: Darby’s Rangers’ Heroic Last Stand at Cisterna

Author Maureen "Micki" Carroll

Author Maureen “Micki” Carroll

Maureen “Micki” Carroll

Carroll is a writer of books and articles, including a series on diversity. She researches and writes historical non-fiction and historical fiction, inspirational books, and children’s books. Carroll is also a business writer creating courses, workshops, and programs for business and community leaders. You can find out more about Micki’s business writing at: HCap International.



Spiders Dance by author Maureen Carroll & illustrator Bobbie Powell


Your kids will love learning to dance with Spider. This fun, interactive book is loaded with exciting animal

illustrations. In Spider’s quest to learn to dance, he meets an elephant, a sloth, a giraffe, a monkey, a bluebird, a gorilla, a hawk, and a lion. A thrilling book to read to preschool age kids.

Spiders Dance will get you wiggling your toes!

The Tree Who Walked Through Time ~ A Tree Identification Story

Buy The Tree Who Walked Through Time on Amazon

Buy The Tree Who Walked Through Time on Amazon

The Boy Whose Branches Reached the Stars - A Tree Identification Story

The Boy Whose Branches Reached the Stars – A Tree Identification Story

The Tree Who Walked Through Time is a children’s fine art book about a boy who becomes a tree and a tree who becomes a boy. Illustrated by 18 local artists: Judy Graversen-Algaier, Loretta Hendricks Backus, Kris Barlow, Shelley Barnhill, Maureen Carroll, Jack Cleveland, Lisa Grossman, Stan Herd, Rachel Herring, Paul Hotvedt, Steve Howard, Erok Johanssen, Cathy Martin, Samantha Nowak, Bobbie Powell, Ardys Ramberg, Sara L. Taliaferro and Libby Tempero.