Magic Crystal book coverThe Secret of the Magic Crystal is a fantasy children’s book about friendship, imagination, and transformation.

Alana finds a glowing crystal and has a beautiful dream. She is reluctant to share her secret, but she can’t help showing it to her friends, who beg her to part with her treasure. Meanwhile, a group of city children follow the crystal’s light and burst into the dreamy world of Alana and her friends. Only after Alana decides to open her heart does she learn the true power of the light of the magic crystal.

Artist and author Mishea Obiji

Mishea Obiji is an author, teacher, and artist. The Secret of the Magic Crystal was inspired by her love of art and creativity married with her passion for communicating with children through a language they can understand, storytelling.
Mishea has been teaching young children for more than 15 years and enjoys reading to them, playing on their level, and exploring ideas with them dthat are integral to making the world a better, more loving place.

Mishea has always loved art and creation of all kinds including drawing, painting, sculpture and fibers. She is passionate about drawing fantasy characters, and decided to try her hand at authoring her first children’s book, The Secret of the Magic Crystal.