“A Parting Glass” Audio Book

A Parting Glass - a novel by Tess Banion
Tess Banion

Author Tess Banion


“Oh, Sweetie, monsters are real, and they look like people.”

~ Anonymous

A deftly crafted and engaging story of hope and transformation, “A Parting Glass” showcases author Tess Banion’s genuine flair for narrative driven storytelling. One of those rare novels that will linger in the mind and memory of the reader long after the book itself has been finished and set back upon the shelf, “A Parting Glass” is unreservedly recommended for personal reading lists and community library Contemporary General Fiction collections.”

~ James A Cox, The Midwest Book Review

A Parting Glass

A novel about an eleven-year-old girl with uneven bangs and a rich imagination.

She fights monsters, real and imagined, in a small Kansas town in the 1950’s. A coming of age story.

“It was beginning again. Elizabeth looked around the room from face to face. She saw rage, fear, tears. She saw the monster; his face covered with hair and his nostrils flaring. His feet were heavy and thick, but he looked weak. She needed to run, get to her safe place. She moved back toward the closet and quickly disappeared.”

“Surrounded by monsters, in her home and at her school, imaginary and real, un-witting heroine Elizabeth O’Sullivan finds a unique way to deal with a not-so-hap-py childhood and a path to happiness. The reader is allowed a glimpse into Eliza-beth’s world of make believe where Gary Cooper becomes her friend, a special nun floats and protects, and a paper saint dances and winks and makes her feel special. A compelling read from beginning to end.”

~ Maureen Carroll

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