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AN AUTHOR’S HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARE: The Publisher disappears . . .

You worked for years on the manuscript. Polished it with the help of friends and family, Shopped it around to agents and publishers. You agonized over the cover and lost sleep when you found the type-o in the crisp, newly-printed final copy. Enormous effort and time has gone into creating that six by nine inch bundle of compressed paper — like mini plywood dreams you carry them forth into the future in order to connect your writing with others. So what happens when all that work just disappears?


Resilience. Authors need it. Book stores need it. Book festivals need it, too. We all need the buoyancy of reboundability! Like most other gatherings, book festivals across the US and abroad were hit hard by the pandemic. but many are returning to vibrancy as we head into the last half of 2022 and 2023.

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