The Mystery of the Blue Dog


The humorous adventures of four middle-school friends learning life-lessons.
A missing painting, three unusual suspects, and a group of inquisitive kids on the trail. Jo and the School’s Out Squad follow the tracks to uncover the Mystery of the Blue Dog.
Sixth grader Jo Daniels and her friends discover strange goings-on in their neighborhood. No one seems prepared to stop the trouble except Jo—and she’s always in trouble!
Jo, Tommy, Betsy, and Leonard discover the art world and Cajun cooking in their second adventure. The squad attempts to help Jo’s neighbor, Mrs. Murphy, find a stolen painting. The only trouble is that Mrs. Murphy didn’t ask for help!

This middle-school chapter book is filled with adventure and fun for children aged 9-12.

Hi! My name’s Jo Daniels. I like to ride bikes, skateboard, and read! My favorite books are mystery books. Sometimes I like to solve mysteries! But don’t tell my dad. I promised I wouldn’t get into any more ‘questionable shenanigans’. So I”m stickin’ to plain, ol’ shenanigans. Join me in a few! I’ll tell you all about them in my next story, ‘A Game of Cat and Mouse’. -Jo

“The Mystery of the Blue Dog is a short and sweet young reader”s mystery, reminiscent of series like Encyclopedia Brown and the A to Z Mysteries. When the neighborhood chef finds that a burglar has stolen a valuable painting and priceless secret recipes from her house, Jo and her group of friends are on the case to track down the culprit.” – Athena Jean, NetGalley Reviewer

“Jo is back for more shenanigans, this time solving the mystery around a break-in at her neighbor’s house, and the missing painting of a blue dog. Jo’s group of friends are distinct and likeable, and I enjoyed their comraderie while they investigate together. I felt as if I was on my bike, riding through the neighborhood along side them. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series by M. Carroll!” —Brie Hutchens, NetGalley Reviewer

“If Enid Blyton books were your favourite and you’re looking for something similar for your child, this is a good choice. Suitable for children aged 7 and above, fast-paced mystery story and a very fun heroine! I like that it’s relatable to kids, with mentions of the internet and Tiktok and so on, but the kids aren’t obsessed with their phones, and on the contrary, spend their time outdoors!” — Vansa David, NetGalley Reviewer

THE MYSTERY OF THE BLUE DOG: 978-1-941237-68-7



Softcover, Hardcover

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