The Jayhawker Cleveland: Phantom Horseman of the Prairie


By Author David Hann & Illustrator Diana Dunkley

The Jayhawker Cleveland: Phantom Horseman of the Prairie!

A legend in his own time, Marshall Cleveland rode into Leavenworth alone in June, 1861 to view his own “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster. No one in that town of 12,000 inhabitants, nor any soldiers from Fort Leavenworth, attempted to collect the reward, and Cleveland rode slowly out of town.
The Free State of Kansas and the slave state of Missouri are the backdrop of this tale of heroic deeds and fatal mistakes. David Hann takes the reader on a trail ride through a gritty time in the American West when people were pitted against each other and some had to choose sides in a life-and-death battle of ideas.
Not all of the settlers in Kansas and Missouri had an opinion on the slavery question, but having no opinion was not an option. Residents were caught in the middle of two conflicting ideas, and a wrong answer given to strangers could result in loss of property and sometimes loss of life.
The Jayhawker Cleveland is a story of a man and his times. Culled from 1860s newspaper articles and published reports of a tumultuous and violent era in American history, Hann describes how this liberator of slaves and horses found brief but deadly fame during the Kansas Missouri Border War.
Intended for the Young Adult audience, older folks will surely enjoy the bravado and adventure portrayed so adeptly in Hann’s The Jayhawker Cleveland.



THE JAYHAWKER CLEVELAND: 978-1-941237-76-2


PUBLICATION DATE: November 3, 2021

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