Murder at the Ponchartrain


By Author Kathleen Kaska

“Sydney Lockhart will whisk you away on a vintage sleuthing ride. The combination of a smidge of romance, a dash of curiosity, and a whole lot of snooping makes this historic series funny and original. Never a dull moment with rollicking scenes that will entice you until the very end, The Sydney Lockhart Series is witty, engaging, and a perfect cozy mystery read.” —Minette Lauren, author of The Hot Magnolia Series. 

She’s at it again; Sydney Lockhart is trying to solve a murder in another famous hotel while avoiding being locked up for the very crime she’s investigating. Bribes; fixed races; dirty money and unkempt places. A string of illicit deeds that trails from San Antonio to New Orleans and back again. Be it plane; train or automobile; Sydney will get to the bottom of this case in her own determined style.


MURDER AT THE Ponchartrain: coming summer 2023
FORMAT: SOFT cover & hardcover


summer 2023

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Softcover, Hardcover