THE SECRET OF THE MAGIC CRYSTAL (publication date 7/29/2020)


By Author Mishea Obiji

A magic crystal leads 3 friends on an enchanting adventure. A fairy, a mermaid, and a sorceress make new friends and learn an ancient secret.

Magic happens when Alana finds a beautiful crystal. That night, she has a amazing dream. The next morning, she is reluctant to share her secret, but so excited she can’t help showing it to her friends, who beg her to share her treasure. While the girls are enchanted by mermaids, dragons, and octopuses, a group of city children follow the crystal’s light and burst into the dreamy world of Alana and her friends. Only after Alana decides to open her heart does she learn the true power of the light of the magic crystal.

“An elegant, original, and wonderfully entertaining children’s picture book by author and illustrator Mishea Obiji, The Secret of the Magic Crystal will have a very special appeal for young readers with an interest in fairies, mermaids and dragons. With its underlying and positive message of friendship, imagination and transformation, it is especially and unreservedly recommended for family, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for young readers.
~ Susan Bethany, Reviewer’s Bookwatch: 12/2019, James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief,
Midwest Book Review

“That night Mae had a dream. She dreamed she was mixing and grinding strange ingredients in a green cauldron. When she added the crystal, the potion bubbled and frothed. The crystal shone brighter and brighter until it exploded in a flash of light.

Mae awoke and saw the crystal glowing in the morning light. She ached to have it for herself. But she was a good friend and had promised to bring it back, and so she did.

Mae told Alana and Samara about her dream and asked, “Do you think Samara would have a dream, too?”

Alana was curious about what Samara’s dream would be, so she agreed to let her borrow the crystal the next night.”

The Secret of the Magic Crystal is a fantasy children’s book about friendship, imagination, and transformation.

Children ages 6-10, as well as adults, will be captivated by this magical tale of friendship.


FORMAT: soft cover