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Scottish and English Fairy Tales of Francis James Child


Rediscover stories of romance, adventure, and ancient lore in English & Scottish Fairy Tales of Francis James Child, retold by Connlyn Sinclair.
Step into the enchanting world of Scottish folklore, where ancient myths and legends come to life in tales passed down through generations. Come along on a captivating adventure inspired by the extraordinary work of Francis James Child, an American professor who wrote down the spellbinding stories of the Scottish borderlands.
In Connlyn Sinclair’s retelling of these timeless tales, you’ll encounter courageous heroes, cunning villains, and magical creatures lurking deep in misty forests and mystical glens. From the romance of “Hind Horn” to the thrilling adventures of “The Lochmaben Harper,” each story will fill you with excitement and wonder.
But beware, dear reader, for the language may be old-timey and peppered with Scots—a tongue akin to English but with its own unique charm. Fear not, the author will guide you through the maze, opening doors to the lore of the wild.
As you journey deeper into the heart of these ancient tales, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where knights and maidens, heroes and villains, tread the misty paths of folklore.
So, gather ‘round and let the magic of Scottish folklore transport you to a realm where heroes rise, love conquers all, and adventure awaits at every turn. Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey? Open the pages and let the adventure begin!

Grade level: 3 – 5 | Age: 8 – 10

Scottish and English Fairy Tales of Francis James Child, Retold by Connlyn Sinclair


PUBLICATION DATE: October 8, 2024


Softcover, Hardcover

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