Anderson takes us on a journey to 1950s and 60s Kansas and treats the reader to hometown cooking in her tasty memoir Posts of a Mid-Century Kid. With humor and richly crafted details, she chronicles her mid-century childhood, offering a sampling of another era. This delightful and mischievous memoir advocates coloring vividly outside of the lines!

Want to learn what it was like being a little girl growing up in Kansas during the 1950s and 60s? Here, in a carefully crafted set of stories, we get the answer to that question. We visit Grandma’s huge country garden “with perfectly straight rows.” We see the then ten-year-old author giving a special gift to her Grandmother at Christmas—that brings tears to the reader’s eyes. … There is much more as the author unpacks the memories of her childhood and growing up years.
—Jerry Apps, Author Simple Things: Lessons From the Family Farm

“Posts of a Mid-Century Kid by Ann Vigola Anderson gives the reader ample evidence of how interesting an ordinary life can be, of how observations as one simply goes along in life can provide universal insights. Anderson’s prose is clear and engaging, and the book’s subtitle sums up the author’s efforts and this reader’s reaction nicely: “Doing my best. Having fun.”
—Jim Hoy, author of My Flint Hills

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POSTS OF A MID-CENTURY KID: 978-1-941237-73-1



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