Murder at the Pontchartrain


“Pour yourself a Sazerac cocktail and enjoy a rollicking ride through New Orleans, where the food is spicy, the jazz silky smooth and the air thick with voodoo superstitions.” —Daniella Bernett, author of A Mind To Murder 

When Sydney and partner Ralph Dixon elope to the Big Easy, they have no idea what the Crescent City has in store for them—murder, corruption, lies, and a little voodoo magic. With a host of zany characters tagging along, Sydney is in top form.

I’m Sydney Lockhart. I solve murders, most of which I’m the primary suspect. I came to the Pontchartrain Hotel in New Orleans to marry my partner, Ralph Dixon. Instead, Dixon’s in jail for a double murder. I’m in a swamp, spying on the KKK. Helping me untangle this mess is my bubble-headed cousin Ruth who’s undercover as a hotel chef. My twelve-year-old charge, Lydia LaBeau, dressed as a voodoo queen, is looking for clues at Pat O’Brien’s pub. Rip Thigbee, a ghost detective, is my only hope. So, mix yourself a Hurricane and join me in the Big Easy for another historic hotel murder case.

Murder at the Pontchartrain is the 6th in the Sydney Lockhart Mystery Series and takes the reader to the historic French Quarter, as well as seedy back-alleys as Sydney tangles in the swamp with bad guys and fights to free her man.

MURDER AT THE Ponchartrain: 978-1-941237-94-6
FORMAT: SOFT cover & hardcover



Softcover, Hardcover

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