Murder at the Arlington


In the misty mountains of 1952 Arkansas, reporter Sydney Lockhart trades her pen for peril, unraveling a murder that entangles her in a lethal dance with gangsters, gamblers, and her own survival.

When reporter Sydney Lockhart checks into the historic Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas all she has in mind is a warm bath. Before she can unpack, she discovers the brutally murdered body of the hotel’s bookkeeper.

What began as a simple travel-writing assignment is now a serious murder investigation. The worst news is that Sydney is a suspect! And the investigator is one of the most handsome men she’s ever met. It’s hard not to blush when their eyes meet. Of course he thinks she’s guilty.

Determined to clear her name and prove herself a top-notch reporter deserving more than just travel assignments, Sydney becomes embroiled in the underworld. Rubbing elbows with gangsters and gamblers in her fight for the truth, she soon faces a more urgent battle—saving her own life.

Can Sydney solve the crime to save her skin? Find out in the first book in the Sydney Lockhart Mystery series, Murder at the Arlington.

MURDER AT THE ARLINGTON: 978-1-960462-22-0

FORMAT: SOFT cover & hardcover

SEASON: Fall 2023


Softcover, Hardcover

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