A Rhythmic Electric Circus of Sound Part 66


By Author Perry Shepard & Illustrator Perry Shepard

Perry Shepard’s poetry compilation, A Rhythmic Electric Circus of Sound Part 66 (A.R. E.C.O.S Part 66), dives into the many aspects of his insights into human thought and experiences. Presented in a diverse colorful language, the reader is drawn in and compelled to see themselves in new and old ways.

“Shepard is a poet who examines the many aspects of what it means to be human. His philosophical writings supply both questions and answers to the human condition.”
—Ronda Miller, author Moons Pain and Water signs.

“An engrossing and lively poetry collection that questions assumptions and offers a feast of contradiction to mull over. In the poem “On The Sabbath”, Shepard begs the question, “What kind of creature is this thing, man? He who denies pleasure and stirs up pain. . . . ordering his grilled cheese, french fries and a piece of pie. He thinks he’s feeding his soul like he does his stomach – Obscenely teasing his heart.”
—Mitch Cearbhall, author Imagination to manifestation, and Spinning Universe.


A Rhythmic Electric Circus of Sound Part 66
(A.R. E.C.O.S Part 66): 978-1-941237-64-9

PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE: November 16, 2020

PUBLICATION DATE: December 13, 2020

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