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Eighteen years after discovering the murdered body of her grandfather in the foyer of the historic Galvez Hotel; reporter Sydney Lockhart returns to Galveston; Texas to cover a story. Instead; she finds herself embroiled in a murder mystery.

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It’s 1953 and reporter Sydney Lockhart and her partner/boyfriend; PI Ralph Dixon; are hobnobbing at a swanky party at the Driskill Hotel in Austin; Texas. Before Sydney finishes her first martini; a gunshot sounds; and future gubernatorial candidate; Leland Tatum; is found dead in the Yellow Rose Suite down the hall. With wit and humor; Syndey finds herself embroiled in another hotel murder.

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She’s at it again; trying to solve a murder in another famous hotel while avoiding being locked up for the very crime she’s investigating. Bribes; fixed races; dirty money and unkempt places. A string of illicit deeds that trails from San Antonio to New Orleans and back again. Be it plane; train or automobile; Sydney will get to the bottom of this case in her own determined style.

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Murder at the Galvez

What is it like reading a Sydney Lockhart Mystery? Picture; if you will; Carl Hiaasen writing a classic film noir featuring the zany; red-haired reporter Sydney Lockhart who somehow gets herself into more tight situations than Lucille Ball did in a whole season of I Love Lucy.
—Bruce Rolfe; author of the Chip Hale Handyman Mystery


With the tenacity of a terrier and her hilarious antics to solve murders; Sydney Lockhart will whisk you away on a vintage sleuthing ride to Galveston; Texas. The combination of a smidge of romance; a dash of curiosity; and a whole lot of snooping makes this historic series funny and original. Never a dull moment; with rollicking scenes that will entice you until the very end; The Sydney Lockhart Series is witty; engaging; and a perfect cozy mystery read.
—Minette Lauren; author of The Hot Magnolia series.


Sydney Lockhart is one of the feistiest; funniest P.I.’s in Texas-or anywhere else! ‘50s pop culture and a crowd of quirky characters make Kaska’s latest mystery a killer read.
—Sheila Webster Boneham; author of Catwalk and the other Animals in Focus mysteries

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