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Words can change minds and hearts. Words let us see the trail of the past buried in the stones beneath our feet, and words provide a vision and a way forward.   As weavers of words, authors understand how words weave the world. In this edition of The Write Bridge authors explore the topic of inclusion, and offer up some pandemic prose.

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Submission Guidelines

THE WRITE BRIDGE - accepting submissions of articles, poems, short stories, and one-act plays. SUMMER 2021 TOPIC: Isolation and Emergence

What to include in your submission (these should be submitted in one word document or pdf):

  1. Cover letter: Your full name (and pseudonym if applicable), your address, telephone number, and email address (if you have one). Please tell us about your reader -- the person who you’ve written for -- how you expect to market your book, and what your qualifications are for writing this work. Also tell us why you think your submission would be a good fit for Anamcara Press.
  2. Synopsis: Please include in the synopsis an estimated word count for your complete manuscript (a synopsis is a brief overview of your work which should not exceed 500 words.)
  3. Your full manuscript. (If you mail your manuscript, please send a copy and retain your original document. Manuscripts will not be returned.)

Upload as a single Microsoft Word file or PDF that includes your cover letter, synopsis, and full manuscript.

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