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Why The Arctic Fox Has Warm Feet


Discover a frosty friendship in Why The Arctic Fox Has Warm Feet. Join Fox and Hare on an icy adventure that reveals the secrets of survival, friendship, and adaptation.

This charming picture book, illustrated by Diana Dunkley, tells a timeless story about Arctic Fox and Arctic Hare. Interwoven with the story are tidbits of knowledge about ecosystems, evolution and the environment at large.

Not many people know, when the world began, the Arctic fox and the Arctic hare were once really good friends, at least for a little while. High in the Arctic tundra where summer is short and winter is cold, the crafty Arctic fox scampers in the frozen landscape. His thick fur keeps him mostly warm, but his paws are cold! When he meets the swift Arctic hare, they play a game of chase. Who will win—Fox or Hare?

When Fox trys to catch Hare, their race around the Arctic Circle leads to an unexpected agreement.
As Fox and Hare pause to catch their breath, they discover each others secret powers. The Arctic hare has the power to change the color of his soft coat, and disappear into the tundra summer and winter. Not only that, Hare shows Fox his fur-covered feet. the fir keeps him toasty and warm all winter in the chilly north.
Together they learn how cooperation and respect can overcome the challenges of survival, even in the harsh Arctic snow.
A captivating children’s book that celebrates the magic of friendship, the wonder of nature’s mysteries, and the transformative beauty of adaptation.
Grade level: 3 – 5 | Age: 8 – 10

Why The Arctic Fox Has Warm Feet: 978-1-941237-44-1

PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE: November 1, 2023

PUBLICATION DATE: December 8, 2023


Softcover, Hardcover

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