Anamcara press offers editing and design assistance to independent authors. Occasionally, we select an author to publish; more often we assist budding authors in the process of self-publishing.

The publishing industry has changed, even if writing is the same old process: write, edit, edit, edit, edit, edit. In this new publishing world, the big publishers no longer pay out heaps of cash to aspiring writers, and micro-presses, like Anamcara Press, that will publish a newbie’s book can’t afford to pay much of anything. Does this mean you should give up writing? No! If you are a weaver of words you know that words weave the world. Even if a book doesn’t become famous, it may change a life.

Independent publishing today is as hot as the printing presses once were. Independent publishing is not new nor is it anything to be ashamed about. The great writer, Mark Twain, published independently; he started a publishing company to have more control over his words and to better profit from them.

There are many Indie authors who have achieved success (if that is defined as earning a living wage) through writing, and there are many rewards to writing beyond earning money. Amanda Hocking surprised herself more than anyone when her Kindle book started selling, millions of dollars later, she is still writing. Mark Dawson, author of the John Milton series,  also found success as an independent author. The list goes on, but it is not long. It is more common for an Indie author to earn little or nothing. The average earnings of a self-published author in 2011 was $10,000, and half of self-published authors made $500 a year or less from their writing, according to survey results described in the Houston Chronicle online.

Why do so many self-published books fail? Editing, editing, editing, editing, and editing. Many authors ask friends to edit their manuscript. Nothing wrong in that, as long as a real editor reviews the book, too. A good editor can’t save a terrible book, but can rescue an OK book and help make it wonderful. Good design is also a must; people DO judge a book by its cover.

With some skill, passion, and help you can become an indie author. Contact Anamcara Press for more information about independent publishing assistance.